The economy of India is mainly based on agricultural processes and products with the development of industries at different levels. The economic situation is varied from place to place. However, level of unemployment with high inflation has bearing on economic conditions. The labor market and its requirement is also changing very fast due to change in industrial growth in different sectors of areas at all levels. Government is making restructuring of education. Quality consciousness has a special prominence in recent years, in education sector and particularly in technical education. Technical education contributes substantially to the Socio Economic development of the country as a whole. The development sustenance of the industrial sector is entirely dependent upon the availability of trained manpower to perform the multidimensional activities needed to keep the wheel of industry running. Thus the Technical Education Department aims towards making available these trained technically qualified hands to serve the industry & society. Equality of educational opportunities and preparing highly skilled work force for enterprises widely with excellence is also objective of Technical Education. Technical Education system is thus has to be flexible enough to adopt to rapid change. Thus precise aim of the system is to develop and transfer of technology to user systems.


Role of the Ministry is to provide financial administrative support for maintaining high standards in technical education, alongwith co-ordinating at National & international level for continuous development in technical education and making policies for the state level technical education in accordance with the National Educational Policies & Other Economic Policies. Program of action in view of new policies has been prepared to achieve good quality education.


Preamble:- The Technical Education System in the State functions directly under the Technical Education Department of Government of Himachal Pradesh. The policy decisions of the Government in the Technical Education sector are carried out with the supervision of the Minister for Technical Education. The Principal Secretary Technical Education, through necessary executive orders implements the scheme in the sector. The Directorate of Technical Education is the Administrative Department facilitating the Government orders. Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, Industrial Training Institutions, Industrial Training Centres, Vocational Training Institutes etc are the functional units coming under the purview of the Technical Education System in the State. In addition to these, there are also other collaborating units like Industry Institute Interaction Cell, Supervisory Development Centre, State Board of Technical Education and Centre for Curriculum Development.

Directorate of Technical Education:- The Directorate of Technical Education, Vocational and Industrial Training, Himachal Pradesh at Sundernagar is having the Administrative Control of its functional units in the State. The Department of Technical Education, Vocational & Industrial Training is responsible for providing Technical Education & Vocational Training in the State at various level. i.e.

ITI/VTCs- Craftsmen Trade Course for skilled worker

Polytechnic – Diploma Courses for middle level technician

Engineering/Pharmacy Colleges:- Undergraduate/Post-Graduate in Engineering and Technology/Pharmacy

Now the Department of Technical Education has administrative and financial control over the following institutions.

. Jawhar Lal Nehru Government Engineering College Sundernagar

. Private aided Engineering Colleges
. Government Polytechnics
. Government Women’s Polytechnics
. Private Aided Polytechnics
. Industrial Training Institutes
. Industrial Training Centres
. Vocational Training Centres
. Heavy Earth Moving Operator School Una

Activities of the Department

Imparting Technical Education at Diploma and Certificate level through Government and private technical institutions like Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, ITIs, ITCs, VTCs etc.

  1. Formulation, implementation and monitoring of plan schemes.
  2. Sanctioning of salary and other grants to Government and aided institutions.
  3. Recognizing private aided institutions, which are conducting courses with the permission of Government.
  4. Arranging Apprenticeship Training to the Graduate and diploma holders in Engineering/Technology.
  5. Selection of faculty for higher studies and various courses under quality improvement programmer.
  6. Conduct of Diploma Examination in all Engineering disciplines and Certificates Examinations in certain specialized courses.

Functions of the Directorate

Plan, implement, administer and monitor all activities in the field of Technical Education the State consistent with State and National Policies
Recommend to Government on the basis of proper need analysis the establishment of new Technical Institution. consistent with the norms laid down by All India Council for Technical Education and other concerned Agencies Plan and initiate the introduction of new programmed in existing Technical Institutions based on human resource needs of the State/Nation Prescribe and periodically in valuate and revise curricula for Diploma and Certificate level programmed. Ensure the availability of adequate staff and infrastructure in the Institutions. Repair the annual budget for Technical Education in the State consistent with the Development priorities. Arrange disbursement of funds to various Institutions and ensure their proper utilization.
Conduct examinations and award Diploma and various. Co-ordinate the recruitment and promotions of all categories of Staff and administer their costings and transfers in compliance with the rules. Select faculty for higher studies and various courses under Quality Improvement Programmer.
Arrange Apprenticeship Training for the Graduates and Diploma Holders in Engineering.