Benefits of Development Services for Enterprises


Are you planning for the web development enterprise application in PHP, possible choices would be Laravel, Codeigniter, Yii, Symfony, and Zend. Among them all, Laravel is the most recommended framework. You might have a sudden question strike “Why Laravel for the best for enterprise application?” There are so many reasons for the same, but we will measure the Laravel on five factors which are below, which will be a litmus test for any framework acceptability. 


Laravel is very scalable in nature. It is the best web application framework for the small business application to large scale enterprise web application. Few framework ideals for the small to medium web application like CodeIgniter and complex website applications like  Symfony, but Laravel wins the race in all aspects. Apart from this, Laravel supports database like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Microsoft BI, Redis, and MongoDB, so as per requirement you can easily plugin these databases. It was awesome inbuilt features like Template engine, security, Artesian, Unit-testing, security, ORM and many more which gives edges over other frameworks.


Website performance is a key factor when you think you might have end users in thousands or millions and more. Laravel wins heart here due in build support. In Laravel, implementation of the caching mechanism is very easy, thanks to Artisan command inbuilt support, by firing a few lines of command, you can enable awesome caching service. Laravel is very handy as far as configuration is concerned, you can easily enable or disable the services by just uncomment or comment a few lines of code in config/app.php file. Laravel Eloquent ORM supports Eager loading and Lazy loading for loading relevant data, which you can switch as per your need. Laravel has an awesome package called Debugbar by which you can debugging queries with ease. Laravel’s Raids supports database caching over file caching which is very exclusive features for database queries performance. Still, there are so many reasons which prove Laravel has the best performance capability among all PHP framework.


Laravel is just open-source, you don’t require any license or monthly fees or yearly fees. Laravel’s documentation and tutorial very easy and in details, it’s easy to learn and implement. Due to the abundances of inbuilt support, service, and packages, development in Laravel is very quick. Hense due all these reasons development in Laravel is quite affordable.

Regular updates and extension

Laravel community regularly releasing new versions to make sure Laravel development is robust, bug-free and complaint with new rage. You will find tons of packages and services in the desired topic by which just a single installation you will get a new awesome feature. 

Help and Support

Laravel has awesome help and support. It has a very active community, you will get timely help whenever you asked the question to the community. You also find Laravel’s podcasts, news, blogs, events and so many things its community site:

Closing thoughts:

From the above five factors, it has been proved that Laravel has been an ideal choice for enterprise web development. Consult the Best Laravel development company for more details and any feature implementation for your next or existing project.

Author: Salvador Moreno