Do you even need Whey Cheap Protein Powder?

cheap protein powder

Since people always want to turn everything on, it is of course a legitimate question if you need whey cheap protein powder at all, or if this is just good marketing. As you can imagine, the question is not all-inclusive, because it depends on how much you train and what your goals are. Here is a short guide:

If you train once or twice a week to build muscle, you do not need anything. Zero, nothing. Any person who is properly nourished gets as much protein as he needs to build muscle mass, which can be as small as a low-frequency workout.

With 3-4 training sessions a week to focus on building muscle, you’re demanding a lot from the body, and you literally feel the cells craving food. A lot of appetite and hunger is felt, and that’s what you get with a well-considered high-protein diet. Here you can help with Whey cheap protein powder (whey cheap protein powder) in the form of a Drink after the workout to get to the recommended amount of protein / day. In addition, everybody is a bit different in terms of food utilization and muscle building-while some can still build muscle with “normal” protein from their diet; other bodybuilders see quicker results with supplements like whey cheap protein powder.

cheap protein powder

Extreme training program: With even more training sessions you will eventually reach the limits if you are limited to “normal” food. First, practically (when should one eat anything for that ??), secondly financially (in addition to more), and additionally biologically-effective (benefits of whey cheap protein powder).

A few practical thoughts from when Whey is worthwhile

If you think carefully: Whey is cheap !! What? The stuff that often costs 15-20 euros per kg? Then reckon on: High-quality meat costs 20-30 euros per kilo (turkey or beef), with turkey breast with about 22 grams of protein / kg and beef steak about 28 grams of protein / kg less than one-third of the protein content of the common protein powder! Thus, with whey cheap protein powder, you get a MUCH cheaper on the same amount of protein as with high-quality meat!

And even if you do not shy away from cheap Chlorine chicken to the antibiotic you pay even more in direct comparison with whey cheap protein powder. Especially cheap powders like Ion-X or the ESN whey are one of the cheapest, highest quality and best controlled protein sources for bodybuilders!

In addition to the financial factor also practical plays a role. Even if you get the protein you need every day with a healthy high-protein diet, it can quickly become a time-consuming challenge. Few have the desire or time to cook immediately after each workout (if you want to eat protein). And at some point you cannot see rice with turkey – so Get Ion-X Protein Water, drink, done!


Although it makes little sense for performance reasons with relatively little training to take Whey as a supplement – it can be financially cheap and time-saving, because a protein-rich diet based on “normal” food is just time and cost intensive!

Author: Salvador Moreno