Hartford Athletics Field Boxes


Hartford Athletics Field Boxes are two small, semi-private boxes tucked into a space just next to each team dugout on the field level of the Hartford Coliseum. The Hartford Coliseum seating chart shows the Athletics Field Boxes in front of all 100 level seats in the ballpark.

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Hartford Athletics Field Boxes are in front of sections 110 and 124 on the ground level of the stadium. Athletics Field Boxes stick out from the rest of the seats throughout the venue as the closest seats to the action in the entire facility. Athletics Field Boxes are next to the team dugouts and in-line with the front stairs of each dugout entrance. Fans sitting in the Athletics Field Boxes receive the same view as the players and are closer to the field than any other seats throughout baseball. Be aware for line drive foul balls and sharp grounders when sitting in the Athletics Field Boxes as there are no obstacles blocking the action from home plate.

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Athletics Field Box tickets are sold in half season and full season packages directly from the Hartford Athletics premium sales department. See the current price of Athletics tickets for additional details. Field Box tickets are not commonly sold for individual games as tickets for the area are generally sold out for the season. Fans looking for individual game XL Center Tickets should search secondary ticket websites and ticket brokers for possible inventory. With so few seats in the Athletics Field Box section, it may be difficult to find available tickets for most games.

Author: Salvador Moreno