How to Make Payslips Free Template UK


1. Pick The Best Template

  • Adobe PDF: This is a fantastic payslip template and recommendation for beginners. You aren’t able to do as much customization to this template, but it is really easy and powerful to use.
  • Microsoft Excel: For more advanced computer users who own excel, this is the best option. The payslip template is very easy to customization to make it look and behave any way you want it to.
  • Apple Numbers: For Mac users who use the iWork suite of products, this is a great option. Apple has made a lot of improvement to numbers, and even though it still can’t do quite as much as excel, it is very easy to use and looks great.
  • Google Docs: Even if you don’t own any software, you can take advantage of online Google Docs. With a free account, you can make minor edits and tweaks to this template just as you would in a program like Excel or Numbers.

2. Download the File & Read the Instructions

Once you’ve selected how to make payslips free UK, carefully read through the short but important instructions on how to use your templates.

3. Fill out Your Template

Not sure where to begin? Check out my guide to using payslip template, where I show you how to fill in each of the sections.

payslip uk

4. Automate

Having a good payslip template from this site is a great place to start. Eventually, though, you may want the added convenience and confidence from using more automated solutions from the pros.

Software: There are a lot of different software options for automating your payslip template. My personal favorite is the software from Intuit. You should try it out free for 30-days.

Services: There are also a lot of different online service providers that will handle all of your payslip or HR needs. My favorite is a service called ADP. With the use of technology, they’ve gotten quite good to where the price may be lower than you think. You can get a free quote here, and check out my guide for their services.

That’s It!

Well, I hope this site is helpful to you. I’d love to hear from you in the comments sections, and if you find this helpful, please pass it along to your friends or link to me from your website! Thanks!

Author: Salvador Moreno