Momeni New Wave Collection

The Momeni New Wave Collection embodies the perfect combination of form and function. These fabulous wool rugs draw inspiration from the 20th Century decorative arts. Contemporary shag rugs celebrate the intricate tapestry that depicts the influences of Abstract Expressionism, Art Deco and Vienna Succession. Needless to say, these beautiful rugs can easily become the ultimate centerpiece in your home.

Contemporary shag rugs are largely considered as one of the essential home décor pieces since the beginning of civilization. And why not? These functional pieces have evolved from simple plush floor and wall coverings to stunning artistic canvases that beautifully set the stage for any home interior. Today, modern rugs are now regarded as fabulous conversation pieces that never fail to add interest to any room.

Consistent to the impeccable craftsmanship of all products featured in Contemporary shag rugs Club, the Momeni New Wave Collection are exceptional works of art. Made of 100% hand-tufted wool, these luxurious contemporary shag rug make ideal floor or even wall coverings for creating that cozy, inviting ambience. If you greatly value quality and durability, then you must know that wools are far superior to synthetic rugs when it comes to both structural and aesthetic advantages. For one, the spring-like properties of wool rugs offers greater density, resilience, comfort and elasticity. Wool is known to retain its original beauty longer than any other rug and carpet materials available today. Of course, maintenance is also one of the primary concerns when it comes to rugs, however, you can breathe easy since wool is known to be naturally resistant to soil and stain! Now that’s a major consideration for any home especially one with kids and pets.

Contemporary shag rug

With the creative use of bold colors and keen eye for details, these beautiful rugs present contemporary designs at its finest. Whether you want to add a warm splash of color in a minimalist design, or complement an ultra-modern interior, the Contemporary shag rugs easily fits right in place. Since these contemporary shag rugs are available in different sizes to fit your design preference and requirements, you enjoy the freedom of indulging your creative side. You will never run out of nooks and crannies to drape an contemporary shag rug to lively up a bare spot. Momeni New Wave Collection offers contemporary shag rugs in different shapes and sizes.

There are a lot of designers that suggest making modern rugs as focal points or the very foundation of one’s interior. With the modern rugs, admiring eyes will naturally be drawn to the bold and unique center piece. Contemporary shag rugs also make the perfect practical accessories especially in high-traffic areas of the house. Large rugs are known to go well in dining and living room areas, while the smaller sizes are ideal for hallways, foyers and bathrooms.

However, the floor is not the only the best spot to showcase an exceptional work of art. Rugs are now enjoying the growing popularity of becoming striking wall adornments. This is mainly because tapestries are larger and bolder in designs, adding a striking addition to any bare wall. With numerous design options, you can now unleash that creative side and think of unique ways put your very own Momeni rug to good use. Many interior designers share the belief that contemporary shag rugs are the simplest and fastest design element to reinvent or revitalize a room. Offering good sound absorption, floor surface protection, depth and ware, contemporary shag rugs are simply an integral component to any modern home With the Momeni New Wave Collection, you do not need to sacrifice between quality and good design – you can easily have both. These beautiful rugs are practical investments when you want to give a room a facelift without having to spend a fortune on new interiors. A Momeni rug may just be the missing piece in your home.

Author: Salvador Moreno