Tips, Tricks, and Good Practices with Eloquent

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Eloquent ORM appears like a simple mechanism in the first instance. But upon taking a closer look, we come to discover that it withholds numerous functions that are semi-hidden. There are also a few lesser-known ways using which the functions can be put to the best possible avail. 

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Let us consider some Laravel Eloquent ORM tricks in this article:

Increments and Decrements

XorY methods

Eloquent has several functions that are a combination of two methods. They may go as“please do X, otherwise do Y”.

Model boot() method

There is a spot known as the boot () in an Eloquent model. One can override the default behavior over here.

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One of the most illustrated Eloquent examples involves setting the field value at the same time when one creates a model object. How does one go about generating a UUID field at the same time?

Relationships involving conditions and ordering

The following is a typical way in which a relationship is defined:

We can also add where or orderBy at this point.

Just as an instance, in case you require a specific relationship for privileged users, which is ordered by email as well.

Model properties: timestamps, appends, etc.

In the Eloquent model, there are some parameters which are in the format of properties of that particular class. The following are the most frequently used among them.

Find multiple entries

find() is among the most frequently used methods.


There’s an elegant way in which the function can be used. Turn this

This exemplifies that a user can not just change the name of any field, but also use it as a suffix to where. It will work.

Let us now take a look at the pre-defined methods in Eloquent, which are related to date/time.

Order by relationship

This particular trick is more towards the complicated side. Let us consider a unique instance. 

One has forum topics but intends to order them by the latest post. This is a frequent requirement in forums, wherein one prefers to have the recently updated posts towards the top.

To proceed with the requirement, a separate relationship is first described for the latest post over the topic.

Eloquent::when() – no more if-else’s

We characteristically write conditional queries with “if-else” in the following way.

Belongs to Default Models

Let’s suppose you have a post, which belongs to the Author and the Blade code:

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Author: Salvador Moreno