What Is Nappy Rash?

Well nappy rash is a very common irritation that babies get in the area covered by their nappies. The skin there is very delicate and a nasty rash can develop because of chafing, rubbing and extra moisture caused by the nappy. If a baby’s skin is kept in prolonged contact with poo and wee then nappy rash is almost inevitable. Most mums and dads change baby’s nappy as soon as they can but nappy rash serves as a warning to parents who leave their organic baby clothes in a dirty or wet nappy for too long. Nappy rash is really unpleasant for the baby and if it is left for too long, the whole area can become infected.

organic baby clothes

Organic Cloth Nappies

So, are cloth nappies better than disposables?

Well, organic baby clothes are generally better for babies’ delicate skin and that also applies to organic cloth nappies. Disposables are fine if you change them frequently but the softness of organic cloth nappies needs to be seen to be believed. They really are a revelation!

There are plenty of super nappy creams on the market and the organic ones around are the best to try first. If you are in the slightest bit concerned that your baby’s nappy rash is infected, then pop into the GP or Health Visitor to see what they think. You can even ask your pharmacist for advice. Better safe than sorry.

Metanium and Sudocrem are particularly good for stubborn nappy rash but my favourite is the Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream. It works on just about all skin complaints, including eczema. And because it’s Weleda you know it’s got ‘no nasties’!

How To Treat Nappy Rash

You can actually apply a thin layer of barrier cream to the whole area to try and prevent nappy rash developing. But if your baby does get it, then here are a few tips.

Change nappies asap

  • Always clean the nappy area from front to back
  • Use water or fragrance-free wipes
  • Avoid bathing too frequently
  • Dry baby thoroughly and gently
  • Give your baby organic clothes nappy-free time to get fresh air on the area
  • Never use soap or bubble bath
  • Never use talcum powder

Always speak to a health professional if you’re not sure.


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Author: Salvador Moreno