Why Your Business Should Consider Chemical Repacking

Chemical Solutions can repack liquids and powders from any package including bulk carriers of dangerous chemicals and hazardous substances into paper or plastic bags, polypropylene bulk bags, pails, buckets, drums, and similar vessels in any available size.

In our experience, many of our customers prefer to outsource their packing requirements, especially when dealing with chemicals and hazardous materials. Entrusting this service to experienced toll manufacturers and contract packers like Chemical Solutions relieves businesses of the burden of worrying about the strict guidelines with the dangerous goods handling.

Here are just some of the main reasons why businesses consider us for chemical repacking.

dangerous goods handling


Out of convenience, many of our customers prefer our chemical repacking specialists to fill bags and other storage containers with their specified branding for ease of sale. To learn more about how we can manufacture custom-branded products for you, get in touch.

Dangerous Goods Compliance

There are risks when dangerous goods handling, which is a liability that many businesses prefer to defer to experienced teams such as Chemical Solutions for peace of mind. Compliance with local dangerous goods and hazardous substances legislation is an aspect of the industry that we engage in, allowing our customers to focus on their core priorities, minimising liability and associated risks.

Also, by reducing the weight or awkwardness of packages, Chemical Solutions can facilitate improved Occupational Health & Safety compliance. These practices essentially aid batch manufacturers by limiting their exposure to dangerous goods and hazardous substances, improving productivity while initiating optimal safety initiatives.

Quality Assurance

Deteriorated packaging may be replaced when chemicals are repacked so that they may be stored safely. Repacking can be completed in conjunction with other services such as blending, crushing, milling, and sieving.

Chemical repacking into water soluble bag, for example, can make it easier for clients to handle dangerous goods such as poisons, herbicides, and pesticides.

Seasonal chemicals such as swimming pool chemicals are often toll or contract packed because it generally does not suit manufacturers to operate their own packing facilities or hold large inventories in storage, especially when dealing with products with short shelf lifetimes.

Also, suppliers cannot source their product in the format required for sale, so they would need to engage Chemical Solutions for chemical repacking services. This process involves feeding a bulk bag directly via the interchangeable dispensing system.

Technological Advantage

We use a range of custom-made chemical repacking machines that feature stainless steel bodies, interchangeable dispensing systems and variable load capacities. Also, as we specialise in the handling of dangerous goods and hazardous substances, our machines are optimised for this niche chemical repacking requirement.

In addition to the standard machines, we also utilise a high-speed repacking machine that is ideal for feeding, dosing, bag making and sealing, inline batch code and date printing, finished product conveying, as well as filling via an automatic, weight-checking method for precise measurements.

Learn More About Our Chemical Repacking Value Proposition

Chemical Solutions also specialise in toll manufacturing, sieving and filtering, and a range of other complementary bulk chemical services. For more information, call 1300 708 558 or enquire via our website.

Author: Salvador Moreno