Car Detailing – What to do and How to do?

Steamer Detailing

Detailing services are offered by Car Companies and Automobile Services but if you’re an enthusiast, you can do it on your own too.

Detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning and restoring an automobile along with a finishing procedure, both on the inside and out in order to give it a brand new look. Auto detailing Calgary is generally broken into two parts- Exterior and Interior. Interior detailing is also known as Cabin detailing. Various products are available in the market for specific services required in detailing that focus on little things that need to be fixed or restored.

steamer detailing services are offered by Car Companies and Automobile Services but if you’re an enthusiast, you can do it on your own too. Here’s a ‘detailed’ explanation on what procedures are to be followed. The interior is done first so that the exterior is not messed up later on while working on the cabin.

Interior Detailing

Vacuuming: Remove the floor mats and vacuum clean them along with the floor, upholstery, trunk, dashboard, rear parcel shelf and all other structures. First slide the seats all the way up to the front and vacuum, and then all the way back. Starting from the top would be a good idea.

Repair holes: External services do this by replacing the material but if you’re doing it at home, you can use material from a part that is invisible like from under the seat.

Spray: Clean the glass windows using a spray and a dry towel.

Washing seats: Wash and condition your seats according to their material. Vacuum post-wash. If your seat are made of leather, pay extra attention to conditioning so they don’t begin to crack or dry up.

Brushing: Use compressed air brushes to clean small areas like buttons and grills.

Cleaning stains: Use a wet sponge or cloth to remove the stains and then a dry towel to blot it out. Don’t forget to clean the mats either.

Exterior Detailing

Covering areas: Use plastic for the electric components and dress up the non-metallic parts with a rubber or vinyl protection.

Soap Wash: Wash the entire exterior using a certified car wash soap, not detergent. Clean it off with normal water. For drying, use a cloth, do not let it air dry so it doesn’t leave any spots.

Glass Cleaning: Clean the external part of windows using a glass cleaner. Do it twice to get a new-like, shiny look.

Wheel Cleaning: Brush and wash the tires using acid cleaners if required and to make them shine use a metal polish.

Dust Removal: Use high-pressure water spray and an all-purpose cleaner to remove cake dirt and sticky mud from the wheels and other parts of the car. You can use a clay bar to remove the particles that have bonded onto the surface.

Polishing: Apply a polish to the car surface to give it a shiny look. Do this in length-wise sections. If you want a further layer of protection, use a dual-action polish so you can remove it before proceeding to the next step.

Waxing: This is done to protect the layer of polish. It ensures better protection from dust and other particles. While waxing pay special attention to door handles. Apply it in a circular motion. Let this layer dry to hazy look. Complete this detailing by buffing.

Author: Salvador Moreno