Everything You Should Know About Updating Your Address With The NHS

NHS change of address

If you’re looking to update your address with the NHS you’re in the right place.

You need to inform the NHS that you’ve changed your address. If your mail is sent to the old address after you change your home, it may cause a lot of trouble. 

Telling your Physician 

You need to tell your doctor (or physician) about your move. We don’t want anyone to access your private medical records. You can update your address by calling your general physician personally. 

If you are moving to a new state or city, you may only have to inform your new physician about your new address. 

Updating Your Hospital 

Firstly, it’s important to know that  once you have updated your address with your hospital, they should be able to inform your physician, dentists, and other medical practitioners also. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and isn’t always the case.

If you get any treatment from a hospital, you will need to inform them about your move. They will change your address and you will continue receiving mails from them. It’s also important to know that even if you’re moving somewhere nearby and will still be treated by the same hospital you should still update your address. 

Some hospitals can update the address online while you may have to call up a few others and request them to change your address. 

If you are shifting to a different city, you will have to do the same process with the local hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access my personal details with the NHS?

Yes, you can send an email, send them in writing, or call them over the phone to access your personal information. You will have to provide two types of proofs of primary documentation such as a driving license, passport, or birth certificate, and two forms of secondary documentation like bank statement, tax certificate, and utility bills.

 How can I update my NHS details?

You can update your new address at the hospital, GP, or dentistry individually. Some people can do it online while a few others may be able to manually. You can call them up personally and inform them about the change of address.

What is the NHS helpline number?

You may call the NHS direct phone number. Their number is: 0800224488.

I hope you have found this article helpful. Updating the NHS is important to do and, as we have seen, needs to be done across the multiple branches of the NHS. If you’re struggling with the Corona Virus at the moment you can explore this resource here for more support.

Author: Salvador Moreno