How To Become A LinkedIn Influencer In 5 Easy Steps?

How to become a LinkedIn Influencer | Closely

Is it worth becoming an influencer on LinkedIn? Is it difficult to build your personal brand on LinkedIn

Who are the Influencers?

An influencer is a person who possesses some sort of knowledge/experience/ so other people want to follow their ideas/advice.

An influencer in marketing is someone who can influence the decisions of potential customers. Many brands have used influencer marketing for years to diversify their marketing strategy with another performance-based channel.

What about LinkedIn?

If you are able to create your LinkedIn professional brand, you can unlock many professional opportunities that will make your brand shine and stand out from the rest. You automatically get endorsements from LinkedIn and it can boost your brand image, engagement, and conversions.

LinkedIn is a completely different audience. You need to be able to influence them and not get banned.

How to become a LinkedIn Influencer: What you should know

LinkedIn influencers are industry experts who have established themselves as industry experts learn the facts here now. LinkedIn allows you to gain real credibility in the business world by gaining attention, increasing SSI and initiating industry-related conversations.

The Top Voice List is the platform’s own list of influencers.

It is not easy to get on that list. It may take you years to be accepted into LinkedIn’s Influencer Program, but you can still be a thought leader in your field.

If you do it well, LinkedIn influencer status can lead to:

  • A boost in brand image
  • Increased engagement and conversions
  • Acquisition and nurturing of new leads

LinkedIn audience

LinkedIn is a completely different audience. The same principles that work for Instagram and Facebook are not applicable to LinkedIn.

Instagram and Facebook Marketing Principles

Defining your goal

It is a bad idea to go somewhere without a clear goal.

It will take time and effort to establish yourself as a thought-leader, but the results should be well worth it.

Are you looking to increase brand awareness and traffic to your site?

Do you want to build your personal brand?

No matter what it may be, if you have a purpose, you won’t forget what you are doing or why you’re doing it.

Determine performance metrics

What are you going do to measure your progress?

  • Engagement rate
  • Reply rate
  • Followers
  • Comment
  • Likes
  • SQL
  • Traffic to websites

Determining metrics to measure results will help you decide if it is worth your time investing in your brand. This is because it takes more time for some people to master.

It’s all about authenticity

Success as a thought leader is not about using the most recent tool or trying the newest tactic. Your personality is what makes you a thought leader.

Marketing success is largely dependent on your team. It’s all about the people.

You can only sound authentic if you know what you are talking about and tell it in your own words.

Even if you don’t like the business norm, here is one example.

Choose a niche & shape your USP

You should have a personal brand that is distinct from other brands.

Finding your niche is the first step. You can write about anything you like, but all of it should be related to your primary field.

Polish your profile

Your professionalism is best represented by a compelling title, summary and headline. LinkedIn’s entire image should reflect your knowledge and talents in a way that is appealing to your prospects.

To help others achieve similar results, share your knowledge

A thought leader in a specific industry who shares organic content with a large LinkedIn audience.

LinkedIn values thought leaders who can spark conversation. Comments are the best way to generate organic virility LinkedIn (not shares or likes).

How do you write content that gets a lot of comments?

These are some ideas for topics:

  • Industry trends
  • Innovations
  • Blog posts on Know-how
  • Hacks
  • Surveys

Surveys are very effective because they encourage people to take part and readers are interested in the results. They want to see what others think about the same topic.

Do more than one channel

Building your brand is a difficult task that can be made easier by engaging in other channels. Guest posting is a great way to make your voice heard.

You can share all articles from other sources, and you can add a few words to encourage others to read them.

Do not like things you don’t love

It is very tempting to like more posts in order to be seen by others. But liking posts without understanding them is an energy-consuming, wasteful business.

Instead, look for people who are open to sharing ideas and information that you find valuable.

  • It will save you time and effort to deal with irrelevant, useless content
  • High-quality content will help you grow professionally


Being a LinkedIn influencer is about being authentic and transparent with your prospects. This does not mean showcasing all you are.

This process can be time-consuming and takes commitment. Building your personal brand on LinkedIn in this era of peer to peer marketing and creators is essential.

Author: Salvador Moreno