Now Legal Translation Available At Your Doorstep

Don’t have time to go to the legal translation company (ASLT) for services? Don’t worry, let the service will come to you! Al Syed Legal Translation has launched a fleet of vehicles called ‘Legal Translators at your doorstep‘ that can be dispatched to locations specified by customers.

The vehicle offers legal translation services approved by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration authorities, and Embassies.

Al Syed Legal Translation knows the importance of providing legal translation to the Dubai community and attempts to reduce inconveniences in getting legal translation due to following reasons:

  • No visiting in-person and waiting long hours or days to get the job done.
  • No spending extra hours driving in heavy traffic and wasting effort and energy when you have plenty of other tasks to be performed simultaneously.
  • No more risk of losing your original documentations, because the job is completed at your location.
  • No upfront payment. Simply pay when you receive the translations.
  • No parking challenges. No other transportation hassles.

Al Syed Legal Translation launched this service to provide people with a great deal and comfort whenever they require professional translation services.

We have undertaken this endeavor to develop an integrated relationship between Al Syed Legal Translation and the UAE community. Our customers requiring the services of legal translation are welcome to invite us to their doorstep and get their work done right then and there. read for What Are The Important Qualities To Look For In A Professional Voice Over Dubbing Artist?

How to use the service?

Al Syed Legal Translation have recently launched a very ambitious project  “Legal Translation Services at your doorstep”, the first-ever translation mobile-office in the world, when it comes to providing legal translation at doorstep of our clients. We decided to implement this ambitious plan to improve our experience with our clients and contribute peace and comfort to their lives, especially if they are not willing to waste their time, energy, and effort just to get their documents legally translated by a legal translation company. In addition, this service is for those who cannot go out of their homes or offices due to busy schedules and engagements. This project will also help underprivileged customers to get their job done without difficulty. In addition, we are launching this plan to encourage the vision of His Highness Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to make Dubai the smartest city in the world.

What are legal translation services at your doorstep:

Legal Translation at your doorstep is a smart initiative taken by Al Syed Legal Translation, through which our legal translator will be allocated professional legal translation services in our mobile office/vehicle at the client’s doorstep.

According to our project “legal translation services at your doorstep”, our customers can book services by downloading our application. After booking our services, our client can see our mobile office/vehicle in real time tracking. Once the vehicle is in the respective location of our booked client, our legal translator will start performing the legal translation of their documents until it is completed, legalized, and the final certified printed legal translation copies are handed to the client before leaving the location.

Importance of legal translation at your doorstep in Dubai:

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city and people from all around the world immigrate in and out of UAE. Similarly, the permanent residents and business communities in Dubai often deal with different official matters. Almost every person interacting with these purposes, needs their legal documents translated into Arabic or other languages in their respective home country or any other country where he or she is traveling to. Therefore, we find that every person is in a dire need of legal translation or certified translation in Dubai and must commute short and long distances to get their documents completed, often taking half a day or a full day off, or leaving their kids behind or traveling with them, etc…

Al Syed Legal Translation is one of the best translation companies in the UAE, with a record number of translation projects executed in the last 12 years in more than 350 language pairs.

Author: Salvador Moreno