Useful Tips on How to Improve Your Golf Course Strategy

Of course, your primary aim anytime you hit the golf course is to shoot lower scores. For you to achieve that, you’ll want to come up with a golf strategy, even before starting the game.

Many golfers believe that Pro golfers are good at the sport because of their multiple years of experience, but that’s just by the way. Many of these so-called Pro golfers do lots of work behind the scenes, but all you see is their excellent performances.

The secret behind such outstanding plays is a well-defined golf course strategy. Often, most golfers focus more on the clubs they should have to get the best result and forget the first thing they ought to do – develop a play strategy.

Interestingly, many golfers have always been dependent on improving their golf swings, short games, and putting for an overall performance boost. It’s not a bad idea to work on those areas, but they come secondary.

Good swings and excellent short games will only complement the effectiveness of an outstanding golf course strategy.

The moment you realize that the easiest way to lower your scores while golfing is to have a good course strategy, you’ll start to enjoy and see the beauty of golf more.

A good course strategy makes it easy and fun to play golf. That is why you think the Pro golfers are not working hard; they got it in them. Yes, you can also have it in you with a well-structured golf strategy.

You must be able to think fast and make smart decisions if you want to enjoy golfing more.

Now that you know what you’ll need to do to improve your gameplay, consider the following tips to strengthen your golfing strategy:

Make Your Decisions Before Your Round

One of the best strategies you’ll want to adopt is to cultivate the habit of processing your information before you play your round.

It is cheaper and better to learn from other people’s mistakes than yours. Study your fellow golfers to see where they probably got it wrong, have a good scope of the yardages, and calculate your distances to avoid hazards.

If you adopt this golf course strategy, you’ll find it easy to select the right club and know the right amount of swing force to exert on the ball.

Use Google Earth

Trust me, a lot of golfers, especially Pro golfers, exploit the Google Earth software. It will help you have a better view of any golf course.

The first thing you need to do is to install Google Earth Pro. It allows you to measure distances. You can always search for any golf course and zoom in on the key areas to get the information you need.

Know Your Distances

Understanding your distances has lots of effects on your gameplay. It will help you choose the right club and know how hard you need to hit the ball.

You’ll want to get a GPS device to help you get the correct yardages to the front, center, and back of the golf course for starters.


To play like a Pro and enjoy golf more, you’ll want to always do your homework before hitting any course to play. Consider developing a golf course strategy for you and see how your overall gameplay improves.

Author: Salvador Moreno