Interval Training: The Workout that Works

If someone told you that you could speed up your calorie burn during and even after your workout, would you do it?  What if they also said you could rev up your fat burn and experience a decrease risk of injury, too?

You can…with interval training.

Interval training, or a workout that alternates between bursts of high-intensity moves and those requiring lower intensity, is highly recommended by personal trainer Allentown PA to clients who want to challenge themselves and keep their bodies guessing.

“Some people often make the mistake of performing long, slow cardiovascular exercise and do not concentrate on their form.  But longer duration and sloppy form can often result in injury,” said Dan FitzSimons, owner and trainer at gyms in Allentown PA.  “Interval training offers a decreased risk of injury because it is often performed at a higher intensity, for a shorter duration and with a better form.  The added bonus is that you will burn serious calories during the workout AND after because you will have increased your metabolic rate.”

Dan said that for purposes of changing your physique, slow and steady exercise will likely not help much.  “While the logic behind the thought that ‘the more miles I log, the more weight I will lose or the faster I will get’ may seem sound, there is a sneaky loophole to that reasoning that many do not consider.

“Your body is a master adapter!” Dan explained.  “When it gets used to a routine, it becomes more efficient, so it uses less energy, resulting in fewer calories burned.”

Workouts at Allentown gyms are always changing, not just to keep clients interested and motivated, but to make them see results, to push themselves out of their comfort zone and to prevent their bodies from adapting to a routine and hitting a plateau.

“The bottom line is that interval training comes with a whole host of benefits that trainers at Allentown gyms embrace,” Dan noted.  “This type of workout can help prevent plateaus, help your body more effectively use fuels, and bust boredom, boost confidence and increase mental toughness!”

Author: Salvador Moreno