4 Factors that affect the life of LED Advertising Screens?

The rapid development of outdoor applications has gradually become the overlord of outdoor advertising, gradually appearing in the streets and alleys, in various forms, dressing up our city, but LED advertising screens also have a life, without reasonable maintenance, will no longer be used. So, what are the factors that determine the life of LE advertising screens? How to prescribe the right medicine is particularly important. Let us take a look at the factors that determine the life of LED advertising screens.

Impact of LED light source device performance

LED lamp bead devices are the most critical and most life-relevant components of advertising screens. For LED lamp beads, the main indicators are: attenuation characteristics, waterproof vapor permeability characteristics, UV resistance performance. If the LED advertising screen manufacturers do not pass the evaluation of the performance of the LED lamp beads, they will be applied to the advertising screen, which will cause a lot of quality accidents and seriously affect the life of the LED advertising screen.

Impact of production process on products

How the production process of LED advertising screen products determines the fatigue resistance. The anti-fatigue performance of the module produced by the inferior three-proof process is difficult to guarantee by Novastar VX4U. When the temperature and humidity change, cracks will appear on the protective surface of the circuit board, resulting in a decrease in protective performance.

Therefore, the production process of LED advertising screen is also a key factor that determines the life of the display. The production processes involved in the production of display screens include: component storage and pretreatment process, furnace welding process, three-proof treatment process, and waterproof sealing process. The effectiveness of the process is related to the choice of materials and ratios, parameter control, and operator quality. For most LED display manufacturers, the accumulation of experience is very important. A factory with many years of experience will be more effective in controlling the production process. .

Impact of supporting parts

In addition to the LED light source, LED advertising screens also use many other supporting components, such as circuit boards, plastic housings, switching power supplies, connectors, and housings. Any quality problem of any component may cause The life of the screen is reduced. Therefore, the life of the advertising screen is determined by the life of the key component with the shortest life. For example, LEDs, switching power supplies, and metal casings are selected according to the standard of 8 years, and the protective performance of the circuit board can only support its work for 3 years. After 3 years, damage will occur due to corrosion, so we can only get one piece for 3 years Lifetime display.

Impact of display working environment

Due to different uses, the working conditions of advertising screens vary widely. From an environmental perspective, the temperature difference indoors is small, without the influence of rain and snow and ultraviolet rays; the maximum temperature difference outdoors can reach 70 degrees, plus wind, sun and rain. The harsh environment will aggravate the aging of the display, and the working environment is an important factor affecting the life of the display.

In a sense, the working environment of the Novastar LED Video Processor determines his life. The life of an LED usually takes the time when the luminous intensity decays to 50% of the initial value as the life. As a semiconductor material, LED is often said to have a lifetime of 100,000 hours, but that is an evaluation under ideal conditions. However, it cannot be achieved under actual use conditions.

The life of the LED lamp beads determines the life of the LED advertising screen, not that the life of the LED lamp beads is equal to the life of the advertising screen. When the advertising screen is working, not every LED is working at full load at all times. Under the normal display of video programs, the life of the LED advertising screen should be about 8 times the life of the LED beads. Lamp beads can work longer under low current conditions.

Author: Salvador Moreno