The Gym 365 Strength & Fitness 24/7/365

Since 2013, we’ve been operating out of a brick and mortar location just north of the city of Pittsburgh, PA.  We run group classes and private training throughout the day. However, we also understand that not everyone is able to make it to IA to experience the great coach and programming we have become known for.  You may not have time to make it to the gym during the day or you may not live somewhere convenient to our location.

Thanks to the internet, we are open to you for business 24/7/365!!!

In 2017 we moved our fitness services online.  Each week, we deliver online programming and personal training to our online members for them to do at home or their own gyms.  Some of our virtual members upload videos for us to see and check form and position. Others have us join them during their workouts through video calls so we can see and motivate them on the spot.  The days of needing to go to a physical gym to get workouts or personalised coaching are no more.

Crossfit Pittsburgh helps you achieve your goals through fitness, community support and nutrition coaching.


Weekly Online Programming

If all you need is a workout program, we’ve got you covered.  Each week, we release workouts to you through an App. You log in, get your workout, record your results, and move on to the next.  You can do it on your own when you have time. We can even modify for at home/minimal equipment and customize it for you.

Online Personal Training

Through technology like FaceTime and Zoom, we can be there with you when you workout.  We designed a workout program, and use a service called TrueCoach, to help you meet your fitness goals.  Then, one of our experienced coaches watches as you do you workout to make sure you have proper form and range of motion.  We will also help to keep you motivated so you are putting in lots of intensity.

Virtual Classes

Still want that groups dynamic while working out at home?  Not a problem. We use Zoom video conferencing to set up virtual classes.  You can see your coach and hear the other people in your class. A group class can do amazing things for keeping you accountable and on track.

A Giant Community

Combine our brick or mortar clients with our virtual clients and you get a huge Community of like minded people.  We call it the IA Community. We utilize social areas like a private and exclusive Facebook group, monthly social events, and more to keep you connected and making friendships that will last a lifetime.

One of the major advantages to online training is the cost.  Because the platforms are free, or low cost, we can pass that savings on to you.  We don’t need to worry about offsetting our lease, utilities, cleaning, security, and other costs associated with a physical location.  Plans start as low as $35/week. You won’t find so much value for that cost anywhere else.

To talk with one of our coaches and hear more about how an online fitness program can benefit you, reach out.  We offer a free no commitment phone call, review, and intro. All you need is a computer with a camera and an internet connection.

Author: Salvador Moreno