What Is a Temporary Child Support Order?

Family law trials can take several months or years to conclude, and certain matters can’t wait for that long. As the case proceeds, a court may issue pendente lite orders, which are temporal, before the main divorce hearing.

They include alimony pendente lite, temporary child custody, and temporary child support orders. These orders are usually in effect until the court gives the final divorce decree.

A temporary child support order ensures that a child receives financial care before parents can agree on an appropriate amount. It’s important to note that temporal dictates are as legally binding as their permanent counterpart. Therefore, a judge can hold a parent in contempt of court, payable with fines, for not complying with the order.

Requesting for Temporal Support

If you’d like to request an interim child support order, you should consult with one of the top child support lawyers Norristown PA. An attorney can help you file a motion for temporary support. With this petition, you’ll be asking a judge to decide the amount of support and how long the payment will last.

Firstly, the court will require you and your spouse to submit relevant financial documents. Then they’ll fix a temporary hearing date, usually within a few weeks, to hear your case.

Determining Temporary Support Order

In deciding the amount of the temporary order, the court will use similar guidelines for calculating permanent child support. Some of the factors they’ll consider includes:

  • The current custody arrangements
  • Each parent’s earnings
  • The number of children and their ages
  • Each parent’s financial responsibility in the family
  • The children’s standard of living
  • The medical, educational, and other financial-related needs of the children

The judge will also request financial documents, witness statements, or other evidence to justify the claim. In most cases, these temporary hearings don’t take as much time as the main divorce trial. The entire court appearance may last for 30 minutes or less. But your child support lawyers in Norristown PA can prepare you ahead

The support order will state the child support’s value, who makes the payment, and the frequency of payment. Finally, this temporary payment will typically cover the child’s clothing, food, and other basic living needs. In contrast, a permanent order may include other expenses, such as those relating to entertainment.

Advantages of a Temporary Order

There are several benefits to obtaining a temporary child support order. Some of these advantages include

  1. It’s a quick way to sort issues before a formal hearing takes place
  2. It ensures that a child receives adequate care during the process of litigation.
  3. It offers foresight into a more permanent arrangement and allows the family to adjust accordingly
  4. It lessens the financial burden on the custodial parent during the trial period.


Child support cases often take a long time to rectify. However, a temporary child support order can help to provide for children in the interim. If you’re a parent in an ongoing divorce, consider hiring child support lawyers in Norristown, PA to help you file a temporary plan. With your child having the right support, it can offer you relief as you go through your divorce.

Author: Salvador Moreno